Don't dig up your whole yard, concrete patio, deck, and sidewalk or landscaping to install or replace a water line, gas line, electrical service or sewer force main. Nate's Plumbing Inc can install or replace utilities without major excavating damage.

Directional drilling is a process by which a directional drilling machine can drill horizontally under the ground surface for purposes of installing or replacing utilities. The drilling machine is connected to a high pressure pump that pumps a mixture of water and bentonite, and sometimes other solutions down the center of the drill rods to cool and lubricate the drilling head. The drill head under the ground has an electronic radio transmitter inside that radios back to the drill operator. The operator will always know the drill head's exact location, depth below the surface, drill head temperature, current pitch or slope, and other information. The steel drill rods are flexible and the drill head can actually be "steered" to go around and under obstacles. We can drill under streets, patios, trees and even the entire house. Upon reaching the objective, the new water line, gas line, electric wiring or a combination of these is attached to a back reamer with a swivel. The drill operator will then drill backwards, opening up the hole as needed and simultaneously pulling the new service product along at the same time.

Directional drilling can save enormous repair costs compared with conventional excavating by eliminating the need to cut up a concrete patio or street to install a utility underneath. In some cases, it would be impossible to excavate with an open trench due to buildings or other structures in the way.

Pipe bursting is a technique for replacement of existing pipes. The existing pipe, once burst, becomes the guide path for the new pipe being installed. This Technique burst the old pipe and in so doing displaces the fragmented old pipe into the surround soil. This creates a hole of roughly the same dimension as the original. If a larger diameter pipe is to be installed a larger expanding cone is used to increase the size of the hole. Once done, the new pipe is pushed or pulled into position.

Trenchless sewer and water line replacement process is a smooth and hassle-free alternative to digging up your yard.