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Get that perfect water line for your home or your commercial space with the assistance of technicians at Nate's Plumbing Inc. Your water line should ideally have a smooth flow of clean water without any obstructions from impurities and other solid particles.

Nate's Plumbing does trench-less water lines using a cutting edge directional boring machine to replace your waterline.

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We also Replace Qest Pipe

We also replace Qest piping. Qest was used in most homes in Clark County through the 80’s and early-to-mid 90’s. Has a high failure rate and should be replaced. It is impossible to look at the pipe to determine whether it will fail soon or not.

Why is Poly Pipe so Bad?

Although a lot of poly piping problems originate from inappropriate plumbing setup and installation, many issues are with the piping itself. Polybutylene pipe tends to wear away from contact with oxidants discovered in public water materials. Often, failure of the plumbing pipe takes place in the plastic fittings. A major plumbing problem with poly pipe is the pipe wears away from the within because the oxidants are held in the water, and the water is constantly running through the inside of the pipe. This makes it very hard to identify if the pipe is genuinely in good condition from simply an outside examination. Usually the pipe looks fine from the outside, for a while. Most plumbing inspectors can not offer a trustworthy plumbing evaluation on the condition of poly piping unless there is a noticeable issue with the exterior of the pipe or its installation.

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Trenchless piping

You can choose from our options including directional boring.

Our staff is expert at repairing water lines efficiently. What's more? We're the only ones who perform directional boring without trenching your yard and damaging your beautiful lawns.

Meet your water line experts

We cater to residential and commercial needs. You can also get your water lines replaced with our support.

Great news! We work 24/7! You can call us anytime of the day for your waterline installation and repair services.

  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nate's Plumbing for its outstanding customer service. We knew we had some kind of waterline breakage/crack issue due to the amount of "drain" flies we had on the exterior of our house near our kitchen. When we called we were given an appointment the very next morning with plumber "Ed". What stunned us is that Nate's called the next morning asking if we wanted to try to trouble shoot a couple of ideas they would give us trying to save us the cost of a house call. We were so shocked that they would actually try to save us money----who even does such a thing these days!!!!!!. However we figured we were past that stage and requested that Ed show up as scheduled. Ed went under our home and discovered we had several breaks in different pipes--one so bad that he advised us to immediately call a "remediation" service to come and pump out the sludge/water in our crawl space. He informed us that as soon as the remediation was done he would come back and make all of the necessary repairs. We felt very overwhelmed as to what the next steps were but he gave us the name of a company they have worked with in the past that did good work. That company showed up the next day and had the "remediation" completed by the next afternoon. Nate's worked us in that very next day and Ed was able to complete all of the necessary repairs. NATE, your company truly provides good customer service. Thanks again
    John and Betty Sneddon
  • Your company just completed repairs concerning an underground leak near our well casement. I was thoroughly impressed with Jim and Lason’s professionalism, so too Ed when he came out to give us a bid. Yours was the only plumbing or well service company that was willing to give a solid bid for the repairs rather than simply performing on a time and materials basis. In the thirty plus years we’ve lived at our current residence we’ve had a number of bad experiences with various contractors, so interfacing with your firm was a breath of fresh air for us. So too your office personnel both Linda and Sam were a pleasure to interface with addressing our needs when asked. You’ll surely be getting our business in the future as well as recommendations on our part to our friends and neighbors.
    Carl T. Pavlin
  • Just want to let you know what a great job Jim did for us. Without his persistence to get this job done it never would have been successful. Thanks to Jim.
    Frank and Brenda Phillps
  • I contacted Nate's Plumbing yesterday (Sunday) afternoon to arrange to have a leak fixed on the Pressure Reduction Valve located next to my water meter. Even though the leak was more of a seep it needed fixing before it became it got worse and became a "water feature". Nate was able to dispatch a plumber almost immediately and the valve was replaced before the end of the day by a young man also named "Nate". I was very pleased with the entire operation. From my initial phone call to the replacement of the sod Nate's Plumbing did an exceptional job. I could not have been happier and the cost of the repair was very economical. Nate went about his work in a very professional and workmanlike manner and with all the parts and equipment contained in his van (and trailer) there was no doubt that he had all the necessary items on hand to complete almost any job. I would not hesitate to call Nate's Plumbing for any plumbing need.
    Stan Frank - Vancouver, WA
  • The efficiency, knowledge, and professionalism I experienced with Nate’s Plumbing convinced me they will be returning for all my plumbing needs. I want to thank Jimmy and Ed for their honesty and integrity.
    Fred Hibbard - Vancouver, WA
  • As manager of several multi-housing and commercial properties, we have had the opportunity to use Nate's Plumbing on several occasions; one occasion being an emergency. Nate's Plumbing is prompt and efficient and they always do a great job! We really appreciate their hard work, integrity and fair prices.
    Maggie B
    Realvest Corporation Property Management
  • Thank you for being there for my family. Both Nate, Jr and Aaron were very professional. I put Nate's Plumbing on the top of my plumbing service providers list and would like Nate's to come back out and replace all angel stops throughout the house.
    Cary Anderson - Vancouver, WA
  • On Jan. 29th Troy came to our home to fix a problem in our bathroom. The problem was a bit of a mystery to me but Troy diagnosed the problem very quickly and fixed it before he left for the day. I want to recommend him for his skills and tell you how much we appreciate the work he did. He also had to cut a hole in some sheetrock and recommended a sheetrocker, named Jeff Mckee to repair the hole. Jeff came out and repaired the sheetrock and sprayed the wall to match the existing finish. He did an excellent job also. We are very happy with the work Troy did and will definitely use him again and recommend him to others as well.
    Trudy Thomas - Vancouver, WA
  • Nathan, I Just wanted to take a few moments to say "Thank you" for the work you did on my waterline. When we found out that we had a leak, my husband and I dreaded the thought of having to dig up our yard and driveway. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical the first time I talked to you. As you know, I live in a neighborhood that has had many waterlines break. I have watched our neighbors dig up his lawn 3 times and another had to replace part of his driveway because of broken lines. Needless to say, I was quite anxious to avoid that kind of hassle. However, when you told me that you could re-dig my waterline without destroying my lawn or driveway, it sounded too good to be true. To say that I was pleased with the results would be an understatement. Not only did you get my line dug in just a few hours, but had I not seen you at my house I would have not known you were here. What impressed me the most was the fact you took off your shoes before coming into my house and you cleaned up thoroughly before you left. I appreciate your honesty in dealing with your customers and will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who has any plumbing needs.
    Kristina Cook
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